Sunday, June 17, 2018

Renaissance Fair Fun!

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I love going to ren faires! Every summer I look forward to seeing all the outfits parading around. Some dress as medieval ladies, belly dancers, super heroes or just as themselves. This year I came out with a completely new outfit including a new stomacher and hoop skirt. My husband just smiled and said, "Sure, dear," when I asked if he thought I should buy the new outfit. I couldn't pass up a cream and gold striped circle skirt.

My 6 year old was super excited to cheer on France (red team) during the jousting, and even though our knight lost, everyone had loads of fun.

We also got to see the "Untrained Dog Show" and Fool Hearty, Ima Nut and Marquis - a married couple and their "un" trained dogs.

Fool Hearty
Courtesy of Facebook

Turkey legs and funnel cakes were our food of choice. A new Viking show was added that mixed comedy and staged fighting. This is a new addition, but hopefully one that will continue!  

For anyone in the Kentucky area, a visit to the local ren faire is worth it!

Happy summer and write on!