Monday, March 23, 2020

Pop-Up Book Store! Help make "shelter in place" more exciting!

Welcome to my book store! It's taken me more than twenty years of effort, but fun times were had getting here. In light of Covid-19, I fear my book events this spring and summer are going to be cancelled. So, I thought I would bring all my books to one place... just like in my 10x10 tent, only on the computer screen.I've got a little bit for someone and everyone!

Please feel free to look through and click to get more info!

Supernatural/ Fantasy novels by Penny Pearson (paperback and ebook available in all):
Ritual of Blood
A Girl's Guide to Time Travel
A Girl's Guide to Purgatory
Immortal Moonlight
Immortal Crusade

Anthologies including short stories by Penny Pearson (ebook and paperback available):
Tangled Thoughts

Children's Books:
Princess Polliwog & the Swing Thief
My Mom Is Sick and It's Okay (Multiple Sclerosis)
My Mom Is Sick and It's Okay (Chronic Illnesses)

Chapter Books for Young Readers (ebook and paperback available):
Emma & the Yellow Mare

Coloring Books for ALL Ages (paperback only):
Amazing Horses
Cute Puppies & Kittens
Fun Holidays
Horses in Art
Zoo Animals
Snippy Loses A Shoe (Story coloring book)

I'm currently working on multiple projects, so more coming in the future!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Book Release and Coronavirus, could this be a thing?

My first book in my Wizards of the Vatican series, Ritual of Blood, has its release date is tomorrow, Wed. March 11th. Right smack dab in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak. Great. But, maybe I can spin it that everyone needs a good book if (or when) we're quarantined. What better way to escape reality than to read about wizards and necromancers!

We'll see how it goes. I think I have a few pre-orders, which is pretty cool. Now, I just need to keep my nose to the ground and finish my edits on book 3. I set a deadline for myself to have it complete before March 20th. I should make it, barring any trouble.

Let's cross our fingers and hope this new virus is short lived, and we can get back to living our normal lives.