Friday, April 26, 2024

No longer traditionally published

The month of April brought about news on my traditionally published books - and the news is now I will no longer be represented by publishers. This was my decision based on the book market and the cost of what it takes to publish and pay for my author copies. I have a hard time charging almost $20 for a paperback, so after talking and voicing my concerns, I've asked for my contract to be terminated.

I loved the idea of having a publisher, but reality brought into light the amount of work the author must do (all advertising, marketing, book events, etc.) on their own. 

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 With this decision, it will now fall to me to put my first two Wizards of the Vatican back on the market and get book 3 edited to the best of my ability. I am unsure of covers at the moment. I'll have to figure that out once all contracts have been signed.

I am encouraged to have control over size and font once again. Even though this results in more work for me, I am delighted to welcome my books back into the fold. I simply need to remind myself to take a deep breath and never forget that this was my decision... good or bad. (sigh.)

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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Slow Start to 2024

 My plans to have my newest fantasy adventure completed early spring flew out the window before it really had the chance. I'm currently working on it... along with 6 other books. I'm finding it easier to work on my children's book lines with a quicker turn around.

I'm not giving up on Olive and Ben. In fact, right now they are heading toward a sand storm in the Egyptian desert. Let's just say things are about to get very rough for them.

This is what normally happens to me. Year after year, I struggle to complete my full-length adult novels, while I can crank out various kids books in various lengths: picture books, coloring books, chapter books. Horses. Cats. Dogs. Dinosaurs. I can breeze through these but struggle with my big ones.

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I'll slog through it. Unfortunately I had an agent pitch lined up in the middle of April and I certainly won't be ready to present anything to her. I'm trying to decide if I try to shoot the breeze with her and ask about other mundane things or try to find someone else that wants to take my spot - if that's allowed.

We'll see. I'll report back on what I learned at this writing workshop.

As always,

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Monday, December 4, 2023

New adventure story for 2024!

 I'm working on a new book for next year, and it's not connected to any series I've written before. It's a historical fantasy romance... yes, I know, but it's my favorite thing to write. I'm only a third of the way complete, but I'm aiming for a late spring completion. I wanted to bring my love of Arabian horses to the written page. 


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Add in a long-dead, very angry pharaoh and I might have some big adventure in store for my two main characters: Olive and Ben.

The story is set in the 1890's - the height of vacation tourism in Egypt before the world wars. My research had me learning about how boats were sank to get rid of the rats before it could sail down the Nile, about raptors and their meaning in ancient Egypt, and other fun stuff.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for sneak peeks!

Enjoy your holidays and write on!


Thursday, February 16, 2023

A Girl's Guide to the Bermuda Triangle - NEW RELEASE!

 Book # 3 in my Girl's Guide to the Bermuda Triangle is now available for purchase in paperback and eBook format on and other sites.

If you like fun, fast, strange and unusual, mixed with romance then you might like my books!

 A Girl's Guide to the Bermuda Triangle


Will Quinn be able to survive this strange land?

Quinn’s cruise ship traveled through the fated Bermuda Triangle. The legends come true and

half her ship makes it through a portal to another world. She discovers that the people that

 seem determined to wine and dine them might have other plans for the new arrivals.


Can Bastien gain her trust to aid him in his quest for a new way of life?

Bastien is an offspring of an elder, one of the first arrivals who gain power through sacrifices.

But his beliefs are different than his predecessors. When he meets Quinn, he realizes she was bestowed

a phenomenal power upon entrance to his land.


Bastien shows Quinn that not everyone is out to kill her. Together, they will join forces to take down

a brutal enemy.


My Very First Podcast Appearance is LIVE!

 I was invited to be on Laura Womack's podcast, Bloom Where You're Planted - The Never Too Late Podcast a few weeks ago. This is my first time talking on a podcast and I was very nervous. I've never been a fan of public speaking. And, yes, it's different selling my book to people I don't know. I've always dreaded the part of talking in front of large crowds. Over time, my fear has lessened a little due to previous jobs, including taking Dale Carnegie classes.

After the recording session was complete, Laura explained the editor would then work on making the podcast recording sound professional and add opening music. She also said it would be a few weeks before it would be released into the world. 

But do I have a good voice? I know it sounds different inside my head. I dreaded hearing what I really sound like to the real world.

Last night, I received a message that the podcast had been released. I wasn't brave enough to listen to it right then, so I made a promise with myself to listen in the morning. I even set a calendar alarm to double ensure I really did it.


 Bloom Where You're Planted - Angie McPherson/ Penny Pearson - EPISODE 54

Fast forward to the next day, my alarm reminded me and it went in search for my podcast. I was so very pleasantly surprised I didn't sound like a complete dork. I even sounded like I knew what I was talking about.

If you have forty-five spare minutes, definitely pop into the website and catch my podcast! I talk about writing books under two different names in multiple genres, where I grew up as a young girl and where my life led after that.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Sneak Peek #3 - A Girl's Guide to the Bermuda Triangle


Sneak peek!

A Girl’s Guide to the Bermuda Triangle

By Penny Pearson

Release Date: 2/10/23

Available on Amazon: Paperback and eBook


Is this safe to eat?