Sunday, October 23, 2016

To Panic or Not to Panic... that is the question in this cover delimma!

I've hit my first major road block that is about to be the cause of a stress ulcer!  Cover designs. I found out I cannot use my e-book cover design for my printed book. The reason being apparently e-book covers are designed differently - with bigger fonts. So that leaves me the option of contacting my cover creator, spending more money, and probably having a hard time making that money back OR venturing out to create my own cover.

Create Space (where I am getting my printed books) has a very easy to use Cover Creator tool. Granted, the cover designs are limited, but what do I expect when there is no cost involved. Beggars can't be choosers in my mind. I can utilize CS's stock photos or utilize someone else's. I have chosen to use Pixabay which has a very impressive collection of free stock photos.

E-book  cover (which rocks in my opinion)
I had thought I found the perfect cover design for Immortal Moonlight and had the proof sent. My husband took an immediate dislike to it and, for me, it is left me uninspired. So, hence my dilemma. I cannot find a design that speaks to me!  But I am on a time crunch and need to decide on something. So, stay tuned and we will see where my creative juices take me!!
Cover  design (without title/author) in question...


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