Sunday, February 19, 2017

Realizing I Am Writing My Quirks into My Characters

Sometimes I think I am writing too much of my “qualities” in my characters, and have to wonder if this is common. I certainly don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I think it’s okay. Otherwise, how can I be sure of a certain reaction if I haven’t experienced it? It goes back to my Dale Carnegie days where lessons were taught that one has to earn the right to talk about something.

So my characters have earned the right to own dogs, ride horses, have red hair (okay, not natural, but still red), go goth, and jump at nearly anything that startles them. It could be a loud sound, stray bolt of lightning, or even a Pop-Tart popping out of the toaster. I am still the champ at the Limbic System and its flight or fight reaction. I found this interesting answer that explains how such a reaction occurs.
 I knew I was a survivor!

The next time I am torn between writing about a personal response, I will be sure to think further into it. I do sometimes like to envision a new character that is entirely unlike me, but after a while, I realize traits start coming out that pulls her back into my sphere. Sometimes it feels like I am just writing an extension of myself into my stories, and I love that fact. The idea I get to experience such fantasy adventures is pretty cool since my life in Indiana isn’t that exciting!

And who knows were the stories over the years will take me? I’ve lived vicariously through my characters in California, New Orleans, Michigan, Purgatory, and Greece! I’ve dated vampires, wizards, half angels, and demigods. Not too shabby!

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