Sunday, October 1, 2017

I must be crazy to get ANOTHER hobby!

So, one of the reasons I haven't been blogging so much this summer is besides trying to complete my fifth fantasy novel, working full-time, getting our kindergartener to the bus and home again, taking care of horses (dogs & cats), I've decided to try my hand at a new hobby.

Model horse showing! What??!! Yes, I have my show string of around twenty horses. I went to my first show with no idea what to expect. I've had Breyer horses for more than 35 years. I picked the models in the best condition and took the opportunity to open the boxes of horses I was given when I got older. I thought for sure I had a good chance. Not quite. As soon as I arrived at River City Model show in Evansville, IN, it became apparent my horses were too retail. All the winners in the Original Finish Breyer were special runs, limited editions. I did manage 6 ribbons with my highest placing being 4th place with my Rural King Brabant draft.

Needless to say my attempt at customizing Breyers didn't do well. I'm not giving up, but will choose a smaller model (Stablemate) for my next victims. I had the hardest time at getting smooth brush strokes.

After the show, I brought 3 new models to update my collection to the 2000's.  At the second show (My Ol' Kentucky Live show in Elizabethtown, KY), I tried to think out of the box at breeds and avoid the big classes (mustang). Horrible decision. If I would have kept the horses as mustangs, they might have done better. So now I'm faced with the dilemma heading into show #3 in Nov. The judge from the first show is the judge at this show.

I also grabbed some of my daughter's Stablemates that we got at Breyerfest with the One Day Ticket. One of the horses actually got first place in Collectability and earned a NAN card to get into the Nationals next July!!  I was totally shocked! So now, my daughter has a few less toys to play with.

To add to my addiction, I just brought 2 customized Breyers from Ebay. There is a big possibility that I have spent all this money and none of them will place in their classes. Oh, and just a heads up - if you're wondering what you get when you win, not much.  I think it's just the bragging rights of having the most awesome horse.

Stay tuned for updates at my next show - Autumn Leaf Model show in Indiana.

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