Saturday, December 30, 2017

Doctor Who review - "Twice Upon a Time"

SPOILERS!!! (I just had to say that- I know, River Song isn't even in this special.)

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Two Doctors! You know things are going to go strange when two Doctors are in the same time line. "Twice Upon a Time" is 2017's Christmas Episode for Doctor Who and I was lucky enough to see it in a movie theater a few days after it's BBC broadcast on Christmas day.

This episode was a little bittersweet due to the fact it is the last time we'll see Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. The same can be said for Bill and Nardole (two of my most favorite companions and helpers!), but, boy, they came at the right time. I was beginning to miss them!

The show was funny and heartfelt - perfect for this trying year. We meet The Captain (a World War One officer) moments before his death. It was exciting to see Mark Gatiss (Mycroft from Sherlock), especially when you see in the behind-the-scene moments how excited he was to be involved in Doctor Who. I want to give a big shout-out to all the moments when Bill gets to give "the look" (or sometimes more) when the Captain and the first Doctor speak about women and their place.

David Bradley portrayed the first Doctor and did a wonderful job. We meet a Dalek named Rusty who has a hate for other Daleks - courtesy of the Doctor. Clara Oswald makes a quick appearance and -finally!- the Doctor remembers her, which is great closure.

This episode is about time, its perception, and memories.
Image result for doctor who twice upon a timeThe regeneration of the 12th Doctor

The ending is when we say goodbye to the twelfth Doctor and welcome in the newest regeneration. And we are left with a literal cliff hanger! I can't wait to see Jodie Whittaker at work!

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