Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Doctor Who - Season 11 Episode 3 "Rosa"

(Spoilers, sweetie! Don't read on if you haven't seen this yet!)

This episode of Doctor Who had me riveted the entire time. The sense of doom and sadness seemed to be one step out of scene. The Doctor and her companions are brought to America on the eve of Rosa Park's famous bus protest in Montgomery, Alabama 1955. Her bravery is echoed in the performance.

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Rosa meets Krasko (Time traveling racist)
Courtesy of BBC

It was brutal to watch Ryan's reaction to his simple act of helping someone. The despair and wonder that come across when all realize they are about to witness such profound history doesn't fall short. Yaz has her own demons to fight as a Pakistani woman. Being called a Mexican and told to go back home, caught her off guard.

The idea that someone had come back to this timeline to disrupt all Rosa Parks had done for civil rights movement made me feel ill at ease. How many times have we thought about something bad that happened and wonder if we had just turned right instead of left or said "no" when we should have said "yes."

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Ryan meets Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Courtesy of BBC

This episode shows that making the future better doesn't always mean changing the past.

I'm looking forward to the next adventure the Doctor takes us on!
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