Sunday, December 29, 2019

Can we take a second to talk about Baby Yoda?

For Christmas I received the best present from my husband. A bootleg t-shirt with baby Yoda swaddled, looking worried. I'm not exactly the squealing type, but I might have squealed on the inside when I unwrapped it.

Disney has my number... again, with this little tyke. I'm not even the baby type. I mean, yes, I have a kid, but I'm not all "goo goo, gaa gaa" over children. In fact, I hated the Ghostbusters when they added Oscar. I'm not impressed with small children. I like the little Yodling because he's relatively quiet, and he pulls the top off of an important looking-flying stick thing and tries to eat it.

Baby Yoda sits in Mando's lap in 'The Mandalorian' while they ride in a spacecraft.
Courtesy of Lucasfilm

 It's like introducing an incredibly cute looking puppy. That's green. With incredibly big eyes.

I'm enjoying The Mandalorian. And I can't wait until fall gets here to see Season 2. At least I don't have to wait more than a year to see the next season. Unlike Doctor Who where it seemed like FOREVER. I appreciate the Mandalorian isn't invincible. He's by no means a schmuck, but he also isn't perfect. He loses weapons during a fight, he bleeds.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this new Star Wars spin-off and look forward to more baby Yodling action!

Write on, everyone and Happy New Year!

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