Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Surviving a 1-Star Review

 Nothing can bring me down quite so quickly as a 1 star review. The worst is when it has no accompanying worded review. Why didn't they like it??? All other reviews received have been 5 stars. So now I'm second guessing everything that makes me an author. I liked the book. The kids that read it liked the book. 


It's like my baby. And that baby just won the Ugly Baby contest. Deep down, a part of me asks, Is the book really that bad? Did they mean to click 5 stars and accidentally hit 1? Yeah, probably not. 

BUT... if you're going to hit someone with 1 star, have the decency to back it up with some detail.

Because 1 star sits like a brick in the pit of my stomach.

 So, if you as a reader feel the need for some reason to deliver the worst review possible, at least make the effort to inform the public what you didn't like about the work. Because I'm open to criticism and I'm not saying I'm the perfect writer. I'm far from it. The thing is, I have no idea what's wrong with my book.

Self doubt has been my enemy. And I worry about how I can sell my book to the public this weekend. But I will lift my chin, take a deep breath to calm the nervous butterflies and present the work to the best of my ability.

Please be kind to each other.

Write on!


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