Saturday, April 29, 2017

LaGrange Author Fair - April 29th

Today, I went to my first author fair and was astounded at how great everyone's work looked. The cover art on some were just incredible. I also learned the importance of banners to be used for behind the table. I didn't have a banner. I think I would like to get a banner for future fairs.

So I didn't have huge results on sales, but I networked like a champ. This was a major accomplishment for me, since I tend to be quiet and let others talk at social events. Today, I just went up and asked them questions about their publishing/ printing/ marketing experiences, and all were only too happy to tell me everything!

My goal for the next couple of weeks is to get a Facebook Author page and get on Twitter. I know! I am not on Twitter. Shame on me, but I will work on fixing that. I will keep everyone posted on how it goes and if anyone would like to join me in my writing escapades I will let you know the details when I get them.

Also this week, I am going to try really hard to come up with a name for my time travel adventure to ancient Greece. Wish me luck!

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