Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Doctor's New Companion

I must say I thoroughly like Bill Potts, the Doctor's newest companion. Pearl Mackie breathes fresh life into Doctor Who. In "The Pilot," Bill comes to learn the Doctor's secret - he's not from this earth. Bill's love interest happened to be taken over by aliens that warped her into a water-spewing terror. The fact that Bill is attracted to women makes her that much more likeable.

It's not like Doctor Who is new to television. It can afford to take chances, and I am willing to bet the most avid followers of the show are pleased the writers are taking chances with the new companion. I find Bill bright, full of questions, and excited to be around the Doctor.

Bill Potts.png
Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts courtesy of Wikipedia

In the second episode "Smile," Bill brings a sense of humanity to the doctor. She is genuinely concerned about the doctor's lack of feeling for the loss of human life. In his defense, he has been alive for too long to get too worked up over it. It almost harkens back to Mary Poppins, when Mary tells the students that she isn't attached to them. After all, what would happen to her if she loved all the children she took care of.

I am excited to see what other adventures the Doctor and Bill will experience. I am ecstatic to go along for the ride!

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