Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas break is over! News from the Publisher!

Okay, now that Christmas is over, it's back to work! Things got busy with a kindergartner and the fabled Santa. Today I got my first edits from my publisher. I have been really worried about getting these back because this is my first novel with a traditional publisher! They don't have to like my work and it is their job to let me know if something isn't right.

So, with all my fears sitting in my throat, I clicked open on the email attachment and held my breath. Much to my delight, my manuscript overall didn't suck,  according to my publisher. I have quite a bit of work on phrasing and pacing. I will admit, I'm not sure about pacing so I will need to look into that in order to ensure my rewriting is on the right path. I have been known to rush certain scenes (especially ending conflicts) for some reason, so this request doesn't come as a surprise.

Also, it seems the major remarks on phrasing had to do with paragraphs I knew were trouble. All in all, I am happy and hopefully within the next few weeks I will have finished my reworking of the manuscript and kick it back for a second round.

I am looking forward to the publishing process after all the edits have been completed! The PR world is strange to me, as I usually finish a story, self-publish, and start the next story - with no thought as to the marketing aspect.

Stay tuned for more excitement!

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