Monday, May 14, 2018

Thinking Out of the Box for Author Events

With my new book out, I've been trying to come up with places I can have a book signing or some sort of book event. Bookstores are always an option, but I wanted someplace... different. I drive past a few small businesses on my way home from work. Both houses have been newly remodeled, one is a coffee/ game shop and one is a tap house.

I reached out to both businesses with my idea of an author event, something like a book signing, but a little more lowkey. The coffee house was the first to contact me and I have a scheduled event at the end of May. The tap house is on hold until we see how much traffic and interest we had at the game house.

I am learning if you want to get your book out there, I am the one who has to do the footwork. My book obviously isn't going to sell itself, not when it's up against hundreds of thousands of other books. I have no fan base at the moment, but I'm hoping these smaller events will get me on some radars.

I'm also not going it alone. Some people in my writer's group are published and we're working as a team to get to events this spring. So with help from my publisher for some events and my friends from the writers group, I'm adding more activities onto my calendar.

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