Thursday, August 9, 2018

Page 69 Contest winner!

I entered a writing challenge I found on Twitter hosted by Stevie McCoy ( It was the Page 69 Challenge. I was charged with finding the best paragraph or two from page 69 of a manuscript and submit it to compete with others and their page 69s.

Here was my post:

Heat licked at Dale Hicks’s skin, excruciating and throbbing. Pain obscured his thoughts down a never-ending tunnel that twisted and turned, getting narrower and narrower. It burned in the most painful way he’d ever experienced. Opening his eyes, he stared around in terror. What happened? His surroundings sparked no sense of the familiar. He thought back to his last memory, yet it seemed so unattainable. He could almost reach out and touch it, but every time he mentally grabbed at it, the memories floated away, leaving a vast emptiness. The rough ground tore into his back, and he propped himself up against a stone wall behind him.

Red, flickering light illuminated the room. Fear shot down Dale’s spine. Something bad had happened.

A large figure came forward. Shadows rippled across the massive frame. Red eyes, sparking fire, focused on Dale. Large scales and protrusions dripped with liquid ooze. “You have arrived sooner than expected,” the creature rasped.

From page 69 of WIP -untitled (I don't come up with title until first draft is complete - but I am SO close!)

I like these paragraphs because they show something spooky that's coming my characters' way.
I was announced as the winner earlier this week, and I was tickled pink! I've never won any sort of writing contest, big or small. Stevie was nice enough to include a pic of my latest novel in her announcement of the contest winner.
You can check out the final page for the Page 69 Contest here!

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