Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The “Proper Awesome” Doctor Who - 2nd episode review

SPOILERS, Sweetie! So if you haven’t seen this yet, please don’t read on and spoil the fun!

 “The Ghost Monument” opens with the Doctor and her new companions floating in space… without a ship (or spacesuits, for that matter). The Tardis is nowhere to be seen. Ryan and Graham get scooped up by one ship and the Doctor and Yaz are scooped up by another. Both ship captains are competing in a race that will earn them money and safety for their families.
This episode was action packed and the storyline tight and fast-paced. I appreciated the Doctor's sentiment of "No guns." She was adamant guns never solved anything, and when Ryan decided to disagree and play the hero, it didn't turn out as he expected.
I also appreciated that none of the main "supporting" characters were killed. I grew used to the various people around the Doctor not making it, so this was a pleasant surprise.
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We were introduced to the new Tardis, and I'm really liking it. Similar to the theme song, it seems a bit industrial... and right up my alley.
I thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd installment of Doctor Who and look forward to where the writers are going to take us.
Okay, write on, friends!

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