Thursday, November 19, 2020

Finally surfacing!

 Long time no speak! I finally have trudged out of quarantine, just as we're about ready to re-enter it again, of course. Some exciting things have quietly happened during this COVID spring/summer/fall. Book 3 of the Wizards of the Vatican has been turned into the publisher for future editing. Book 2 should be slated for release springtime 2021.

Let's really hope for a quick and healthy vaccine rollout so I can get back to book shows. I miss getting out and talking with readers, and really look forward to talking with people face-to-face.

On the book front, I am currently working on Book 3 of my Girl's Guide series. I need to really motivate and I had hoped NaMoWriMo would be that catalyst. Not so much. I've found I'm more willing to work on my children's book line and managed to be fairly productive this year with 3 new releases slated for early 2021!

For those of you interested in children's, here are the details:

  Emma Gets Schooled - Hay Days Book 2 - Chapter book for Early Readers

  Misty's Wish - Children's Picture Book and Coloring Book

  Snippy Loses a Shoe - Children's Picture Book

I had a fun time making these stories, but know I know it's time to get back to "big girl" stories. Wish me luck on getting Quinn back on track and finding a way to beat the bad guys in my WIP, A Girl's Guide to the Bermuda Triangle!

Write on!


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