Friday, January 20, 2023

Pre-Order Now Available for A Girl's Guide to the Bermuda Triangle

 The pre-order is now available for A Girl's Guide to the Bermuda Triangle for eBook. Official release date is Feb. 11th and both the paperback and eBook will be available!



Will Quinn be able to survive this strange land?

 Quinn's cruise ship traveled through the fated Bermuda Triangle. The legends come true and half her ship makes it through a portal to another world. She discovers that the people that seem determined to wine and dine them might have other plans for the new arrivals.

Can Bastien gain her trust to aid him in his quest for a new way of life?

 Bastien is an offspring of an elder, one of the first arrivals who gain power through sacrifices. But his beliefs are different than his predecessors. When he meets Quinn, he realizes she was bestowed a phenomenal power upon entrance to his land.

Bastien shows Quinn that not everyone is out to kill her. Together, they will join forces to take down a brutal enemy.


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