Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Wrinkle in Time review

After determining from other reviews that A Wrinkle in Time might not be appropriate for my young daughter, I ventured into the movie theater sans child. I didn't have much expectation of this film due to the fact that I never read the book. I did see some previews during other movies and, from what I saw, my interest was piqued. I do adore Disney movies.

I can't tell you exactly why I left the theater after the movie was over, feeling slightly dissatisfied. All the actors were great, wardrobe looked phenomenal, and the CGI looked natural. I found myself not involved with the movie.

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Mrs. Whatsit and Meg Murry

 Some emotions seemed out of place, and even though there were a few instances where characters expressed faint mistrust, NO ONE seemed freaked out to be in alternate universe.  I also wondered why a six year old (or however young Charles Wallace was) could lead everyone around so easily. No one even grabbed him by the hand to slow him down!

Probably what irked me the most was when Meg's father was located and he apologized for looking for the origins of humanity's existence. He APOLOGIZED!! Granted, it was sad he was away from his family, but he found something so special and incredible, how could he NOT be awed by it?

I will just cross my fingers and hope the future Disney movies (including Mary Poppins) fares better than this relatively unremarkable film.

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