Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sgt. Stubby - An American Hero review

We saw Sgt. Stubby today. I stumbled across the movie as I was looking for show times of another movie. I had never heard of Sgt. Stubby. I've been to a TON of movies, and not once have I seen any previews. It was a CGI feature, and I was intrigued because I thought I could take my six-year old to see.

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Animated Sgt. Stubby
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The real Sgt. Stubby
This is a true story of a stray dog who found a friend in a soldier heading off to fight Germany in World War I. This was a great movie for young kids because it introduces the horrors of war in a somewhat simplistic way. It got the point across, but there was no blood or really disturbing scenes; even when Stubby got hurt, you really couldn't see his injuries, but his whimpers of pain spoke volumes.

Stubby was an amazing animal, and the fact that he was a stray hits home, especially since all  my dogs are rescues. His presence during the war for the troops lifted spirits and saved lives. This was such a good movie, but I did cry a few times. Granted, this film is no where as brutal as War Horse (we all try to forget the barbed wire scene). It adequately conveys the misery and comradery of war.

Sgt. Stubby is on the top of my "should see" list for parents of young kids, owner of animals, and almost everyone else. It educates, and it amuses.

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